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Stainless Fluid Reservoir

Product ID: EP

This stainless steel reservoir design utilizes air input for extraction of the adhesive from the container stored inside without pull-in. This product is ideal for continuous or small interval adhesive dispensing, preventing leakage problems and constant barrel changes. The user can connect the outlet to various types of valves and barrels. It also has a pressure gauge which can adjust the dispensing volume of the valve accordingly to changes in air pressure of the reservoir. Its 304 stainless steel design makes it durable and capable of withholding all kinds of adhesive and liquids. It is also compatible with an additional heater attachment, ensuing equal and even heat distribution amongst the contents of the reservoir. Our model dimensions range from 1L to 100L, if you would like more information about other model dimensions to suit your procedures, please contact us.


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Model EP03 EP05 EP10 EP20
Dimension D180xH360mm 5kg D180xH480mm 6kg D290xH456mm 12kg D410xH736mm 20kg
Interior Size D133xH185mm D161xH227mm D265xH246mm D317xH421mm
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Address:3F-1, No. 7, Wu-Chuan 1st rd., New Taipei Industrial Park, Hsing-Chuang Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

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