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Light Precise Vision Robotic System

Light Precise Vision Robotic System


Product ID: ES400YR

Our YR system employs the use of compact stainless steel and light-weight design with high-precision ball screw and linear guide. Our platform allows you to attach your product board directly on to it, ensuring a stable and immobile working environment. Using the efficiency of a computer as its control panel with the CCD, the user can easily plan the dispensing route on a computer screen. Our high precision recognition and positioning systems will automatically adjust the route accordingly, helping you reduce errors and save time. Visualization operation reduce the learning curve and incrase the manufacturing efficiency. This system is not only suitable for adhesive dispensing; it can also be modified to accommodate other automation purposes. If you would like more information about modifications to suit your procedures, please contact us.


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加工範圍 400/400/100(mm) 運動補間 3軸同動 (3D立體空間)
最大負載 Z 5kg 程式容量 無限組別/支援AUTOCAD-DXF
移動速度 XY 0.1~650 / Z 250(mm/sec) 編輯模式 作業電腦搭配CCD鏡頭
解析能力 0.001mm 視覺定位 影像辨識/自動補差
重覆精度 +/- 0.01mm IO訊號 16 Input/16 Output
馬達系統 XY日製精密伺服Z微步進馬達 入力電源 AC220V 1Φ 150W
傳動方式 XYZ精密滾珠螺桿 尺寸重量 W800xL800xH750mm 50kg
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Address:3F-1, No. 7, Wu-Chuan 1st rd., New Taipei Industrial Park, Hsing-Chuang Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

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