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UJ35 UV LED Spot Cure System

UJ35 UV LED Spot Cure System

UV LED 點光源機

Product ID: UJ35

This design utilizes the latest LED technology to produce light intensity of up to 10,000 mW/cm2. Compared to traditional UV lamps, the UV LED life time is 20 times longer reaching 25,000 hours of use, saving on replacement costs of UV lamp bulbs and no warm up time is necessary. Another advantage is the cold UV light system that protects your products from heat damage. This light weight and compact design can connect up to four LED light sources and can easily adapt to automation systems. UV sensor which can ensure constant and fixed light intensity are also available for purchase.


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UV Type Super UV LED Output Number 1~4 LED Output
Control Method PanelFoot PedalSoftware Lens Selection Ø3mm Ø4mm Ø6mm Ø8mm Ø10mm
UV Intensity 10,000 mW/cm2 (365nm) Cooling Method Cool LED System
Wave Length 365nm / 385nm Input Power AC110~220V 60W
UV Lifetime 25,000hr Dimension W80xL140xH125mm 940g
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Address:3F-1, No. 7, Wu-Chuan 1st rd., New Taipei Industrial Park, Hsing-Chuang Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

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